Healthy Living in Santa Catalina

Our Extended guide to wellness, healthy eating and maintaining a peaceful body and spirit while staying in StayCatalina.

Traveling for countless hours to distant shores in order to indulge yoga retreats or Ayurvedic treatments is no longer necessary. Why not treat yourself while spending a week or more in Santa Catalina, where you can combine healthy holistic living and Mediterranean indulgences within a vibrant cosmopolitan city just two hours away from most major northern European airports.


Palmas Lotusoma Ayurveda Center is just around the corner in Calle Cotoner

StayCatalina offers you a perfect base for you to enjoy a relaxed and revitalizing break. Our apartments are soothingly styled following the major principles of Feng-Shui. Our king sized beds are soft but firm, and our quiet street location together with the rear orientation of our bedrooms ensures a restful evening’s sleep.

Add to that the 300 average days of sunshine a year, the invigorating sea breeze and the warmer climes of the Mediterranean and you are immediately feeling the weight lift off your shoulders.

More specifically, Santa Catalina has lately become Palma’s centre for Health, Organic and Vegan food stores, as well as having a large array of holistic lifestyle and alternative medicine professionals, with international studies and references. We have tried and collected some local addresses which we can recommend:

Food shops and stalls:
EcoIlla stall in Santa Catalina Market: 100% organic produce stall in Santa Catalina Market, including an organic meat counter.
Loveat in Calle Fabrica, Soria Natural on Calle Cotoner and LoVegano on Calle Cotoner have created a health food triangle in this intersection, all located 20m away from each other.
Herboristería Maria Antonia Bergas, a traditional herb shop just by the market was established in 1900. You will find many traditional herbal remedies.


Ziva in Placa de la Navegación, Santa Catalina

Sit down and Enjoy:
ZIVA food to go – Raw food to take away (or eat in!) Smoothies, salads and daily specials.
La Golondrina – Strictly vegan, this charming cafe is just 20 metres from StayCatalina, open all day through to the evenings, with live music on selected nights.
Simply Delicious – Lovingly styled cafe with many vegetarian options in this corner bistro showcasing organic middle Eastern classics such as Hummus of various varieties and a six mini-plate lunch option so you can sample every delight.
Duke – One of Santa Catalina’s favourites. Chef Ronny enjoys experimenting with all types of delicious organic ingredients and offers a variety of tasty vegetarian options. His latest are the grilled, stuffed aubergines with a choice of flavoursome toppings.
EcoVegetariá – A certified Organic Vegetarian restaurant on the corners of Calle Cotoner and Calle Fábrica. Incredibly well priced mid-day menu.

Yoga, Massages and Health Professionals:
Earth Yoga: Not the only yoga studio in Santa Catalina but certainly the most recommended by our guests, offering Vinyassa, Kundalini, Yin and Ishta types of yoga, as well as options for children and teenagers. A very comprehensive calendar is available online here.
La Columna Vertebral – A favourite of ours. Swedish/Spanish Physiotherapist, Quiropractor and Dr. of Natrapathy Dionisio has the perfect remedy for those flight induced aches and pains.
Lotusoma Aryuveda Centre – A well established Ayurvedic centre on Calle Cotoner. From Pakrut consultations to Ayurvedic Therapies and Massages all expertly administered by Licensed Naturopath Annett Levy.
Soul Massage – Treat yourself to a tickling session! Also very relaxing massage options just a few metres away from StayCatalina.


Palma Sport & Tennis Club

Last but certainly not least, the much anticipated Palma Sport and Tennis Club just around the corner from StayCatalina is about to open its doors on the site of the old Mallorca Tennis Club, it has been comprehensively refurbished and will offer a wide array of treatments in its new Spa as well as Poolside relaxation in their exclusive surroundings.

Palma’s Coastline by Bicycle

If you only go once by bike in Palma, it has to be along the seaside promenade heading east from Santa Catalina towards the areas of Portixol, Molinar and beyond. There is nothing like feeling the sea-breeze and sunshine on your skin as you pedal past the Cathedral on one side and the sea on the other, along a traffic-less cycle path which stretches all the way to Ca´n Pastilla and the Beaches of Palma Bay.

palma walkway

The cycle path streches all the way around Palma Bay, (Photo: Martin Furtschegger).

At StayCatalina Boutique Hotel-Apartments we offer two brand new mixed purpose bikes to encourage our guests to go on this lovely day-trip. As the Apartment building is only two streets away from the sea and the promenade one can be on the cycle path in less than a minute, from there the cycle path weaves in and out through some buildings until it spectacularly opens out onto the main promenade by the Cathedral. After riding between the Cathedral and the sea we find Palma’s beach of Ca’n Pere Antoni, with its two beach clubs, Nassau Beach and Anima Beach on either side. Carrying on we come to the marinas of Portixol and Molinar, with its (now converted) fishermens houses and cafes looking out to the sea where you can enjoy tapas, salads, sandwiches or just a table in the sunshine.

If by this time you haven’t had enough (its only fifteen minutes!) you should carry on towards ciudad Jardin with its busy beach, the as yet underdeveloped Cala Gamba and the empty area of Es Carnatge, where you can see the airplanes lining up one after the other and pass overhead to land at the airport. In Cala Estancia, following the route is the uber-cool Puro Beach and then the path finishes at Cán Pastilla, where the massive beach of Playa de Palma and Arenal begins.

There are wonderful places to stop on the way. Depending on your mood and timetable, we can particularly recommend; In Portixol and Molinar, Es Vaixell, with its big cups of frothy coffee, sandwiches and salads, and the bar and restaurant at Hotel Portixol, for something more delicate and special. In Ciudad Jardin, Italian Seaside Cooking in Al-Mare and beside it, the wonderfully situated fish restaurant El Bungalow (reservation a must) just next to the gently lapping waves.

The trip is specially recommended for Easter, Spring and on sunny days in Winter. In the Summer its also nice to grab the bikes in the late afternoon, have a quick swim in the sea, and then go out for dinner in one of the many restaurants along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask at reception for tips and recommendations!

Winter at StayCatalina

The temperature is 18°, its sunny and the sky is a deep Blue with not a cloud in the Sky, some people are sitting on the beach, some even testing out the water. A typical day in January in Mallorca. The traditional weather phenomenon “Calmes de Gener” is back to stay for a few weeks. Every year, the Azores high pressure front comes and sits over the western Mediterranean blocking out any turbulent weather. It is the time when most locals exclaim “I can’t believe i live in a place like this!”


The sea is incredibly calm during the “Calmes de Gener”.

This is why StayCatalina Boutique Hotel-Apartments has been designed from its inception as a place where the an off-season traveller can feel comfortable and happy during a longer spell in the winter months.
Featuring permanent central heating through our well dimensioned designer radiator systems, the apartments stay warm and cosy all winter. During the day, the south facing orientation of the building fills it with warm sunshine and light, and in the nights, our massive soft duvets are a welcome invitation to tucked up worry-less dreams.

We also have all you need for a longer stay, including super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi, free iPhone with outside line, washing machine or free- to-use laundry facilities, as well as fully equipped kitchens with everything you need for those hearty winter stews or roasts.


The sun also shines on StayCatalinas roof terrace in winter.

Santa Catalina itself, due to being a mostly residential area, maintains its buzz like no other area in the city during the winter. Its wide streets and low housing allows the sun to brighten up the whole neighbourhood, the Market is teeming with locals and tradesmen, the restaurants and cafes are open offering hot cafe con leche with specially prepared Mallorcan winter dishes.

Our Winter Season Rates start at 60€ per night for a Patio Studio, 75€ per night for the Penthouse and 90€ per night for the two-bedroom apartments, including taxes, for stays during the low season over 21 nights.
For this you can count on the same level of service as for our weekly rates, with a 24hr reception service, all heating and electricity costs, bi-weekly cleaning and weekly linen change.

Edit (November 2016) : We are no longer able to offer the prices quoted in the article above,  but are still able to offer a discount on our weekly rate for longer stays in the winter months on a case by case basis, send us an email and we can make you an offer!

For more information drop us a line through our contact form or call us at (0034) 601 18 28 81.

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